The Silicon Valley STEM Internship Program offers Bay Area high school students a 6-week paid internship linking classroom learning to higher education and career exploration. Projects range from scientific research to the business of health care. The program also includes company tours and culminated in a poster presentation and celebration of achievements.

Since 2002, LifeScan and SCCBEP developed first the Milpitas and then Silicon Valley version of the Johnson & Johnson Bridge-to-Employment Program.  As the years progressed, we saw the development from teacher internships, the first Diabetes Tech curriculum and kit to student internships continuing with SCU as administrating institution.

The aim is to communicate to students that learning can be meaningful, engaging, relevant and fun.

Our gratitude to the many teachers, college students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, professors, employees, managers, and administrators at universities, non-profit organizations, and medical device companies who make Silicon Valley STEM Internship possible. We especially thank LifeScan for their continued financial support towards internship stipends and program costs.

All our hosting and tour partners make the internship education opportunity available for high school students interested in exploring careers in health care and STEM fields.

To explore hosting internship positions, company tours and funding, please contact Katy Korsmeyer <>. Donations to Teach Biotech[a 501(c)3 non-profit] for this and other science education outreach programs are welcomed!